Excursions and cultural visits in collaboration with the No. 29 taxi cab

Taxi ArabiIf you are staying some days at Dar Manara or you are interested in visiting the surroundings , here are some suggestions with our driver Arabi-Mohamed 00212 668019700:

  • Larache:Half-day excursion. 40 km. 40 €.
  • Ksar El Kibir:Half day excursion. 80 km. 70 €.
  • Molay Boussalham: One day trip. 100 km. 70 €.
  • Tetuán:One day trip: 100 km. 80 €.
  • Had El Gaharabia:Short tour to visit the Sunday market: 20 Km. 20€
  • Xef Chauen: One day trip, returning by Tetuan if you are interested. 160 km roundtrip 90 €.
  • Visit to the historic places between Asilah and Tangier: Caves of Hercules, Cape Espartel, Tangier. 60€
  • Rabat: 300km. 125€

Said’s Beach Bar

(Open from July to September)

chiringuito_gDuring the Summer months of June, July, August and September, at Ramilez-Las Palomas beach (about 4 km of Asilah) the beach coffee-restaurant “The Atlantic Pearl”, managed by Said, welcomes our guests and visits offering delicious meals cooked with local and hand selected ingredients: tagines, meat, vegetables, fruits and very fresh fish.

Information and reservations:
  • From Morocco need to dial 0 before the number: 0-677174247
  • From abroad prefix 00212 is required: 00212-621170847

camellos_paraiso_g paraiso_g

This natural space nicely arranged, with deckchairs and parasols (previous reservation), is a guaranty to spend a relaxing day at the beautiful Paradise beach.. Since July 15 there will be a massage service.

You can reach Ramilez-Las Palomas, the “Paradise” beach, walking, by car, taxi or by a more native transport. At Dar Manara, Said will advise you about the best way.

Surf in Asilah

Enjoy a few days off surfing on the Atlantic waves in the paradise Briech beach in Asilah. Discover another way to enjoy the sea and interact with nature.

Let us organize your fun participating in our surf and bodyboard courses for beginners and advanced, taught by qualified instructors.


Nature, weather and great outdoors have enabled the creation of three golf courses very close to our city.

Golf is an easy activity to practice at all ages, and its benefits are unquestionable regarding physical strength and precision, as well as general health and relaxation.

Art and culture activities


Asilah is a meeting point of cultures, a place to enjoy time and discover ourselves in ways it is not possible in our everyday busy life.

In summer the famous Culture Festival takes place. During these days the city is on celebrations, with an extensive program of Cultural and Artistic activities. The most representative and original event is the wall painting of the houses in the Medina. All the years artists from all over the world meet here. Thmural_ge music and culture come together in conferences and various performances, making the small town of Asilah a great cultural spot to visit.

During August take place concerts, conferences and other culture and art related events at the Palais du Rencontre in the centre of the Medina. Asilah is a nest of artists, painters and writers in the guest of peace and serenity, the colours and light to produce their work.

Atelier de Omar:
Permanent exhibition of Arab carpets.

Discover Morocco through the culture of the carpets. The production of carpets is an art that has been part of Moroccan culture for thousands of years.

Their clothing, equipment, decorations, and colors, reflect the whole culture of the different areas where they have been worked.

Contact numbers:

  • From Morocco 0-676142105 and 0-603877698
  • From abroad 00212-603877698 and 00212-676142105
Sadek-las manos

Arabic calligraphy workshop

Calligraphy is the link between the letter and the Self.

Ghani Alan
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If you are able to wait, then people will forget about your camera and their souls will come out..
Steve Mc Curry.
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Detalle libro u llave Dar Manara

actividad de grabado dar-manara

Engraving workshop

Engraving is a creative technique, where art is investigated in a practical dimension

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Handmade bread and pastries workshop

Bread, real good bread .. made from pure wheat ..
Sweet taste, sweet moments…
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Pan Marroqui

Local markets

Local markets take place every day of the week at nearby towns from Asilah, except on Fridays, the resting day for the Muslims. To visit them is an interesting experience to see the local culture and rural life, as well as a way to see the local products of the area. Among the most interesting and closest are:

  • Tuesday: TELATA RISANA
  • Wednesday: LARBAE AYCHA
  • Thursday: ASILAH-y BNI AROUS
  • Saturday:BNI- GARFET
  • Sunday: HAD GARBIA

The price to reach the places varies according to the distance, which is between 15 and 50 km from Asilah. Our taxi driver Arabi Mohamed will give you a reasonable price.