Dar Manara placa

Dar Manara is located in the heart of the medina of Asilah, in one of their silent and graceful streets. Its construction is inspired by the Arab Andalusi architecture, all materials that have been used for construction and decoration have been hand made by local craftsmen.

A large arch in the foyer forms the central courtyard. His bright gallery provides access to the various rooms and the large Moroccan living.

The sound of water from a small fountain gives atmosphere to the surroundings, serene and calm.

A large terrace, from where you can see the different terraces and roofs of the little town transport us in time.

In it, two Moroccans Haimas invite you to relax, rest, reading and relaxation of sharing a tea gathering.

Enjoy the tranquility,
waking up in the calm.

In this charming riad you will be able to live your own experience related to the serenity, the calm, the calmness, to observe and being observed in the contemplation of nature.

In the heart of the medina: the spaces of Dar Manara