Discover Asilah

Asilah, crucible of history, culture and encounters

There are places on Earth where a force or special energy flows. They say, the aura of these places is different, the colours are brighter and luminous and the odours more intense.
The senses are amplified and the mood settles in peace and calmness.

Culture and art

Every year takes place the International Cultural Festival of Asilah.
Art, music, theatre and conferences give sense to a cultural program with an international projection.
The art is present in the streets of the medina.
The walls of some houses are painted by artists coming from all around the world and every year they come to a new life. Artistic expressions that provoke emotions… images full of energy!

The medina

The medina of Asilah is a labyrinth of narrow, quiet and clean streets, full of tranquillity.
The brightness of the sky highlights the white and blue indigo of the houses. The murmur of the sea, as background symphony makes the walk through this place a unique experience…just magic!


Asilah has a very beautiful environment.
To look at the almost unspoilt beaches, the stunning sunsets, the natural bird reserves… is an experience that brings you closer to nature.

People from Asilah

People are hospitable, cosy and amiable; always ready to welcome you with a smile, between curiosity and surprised.
The quietness of daily life surrounds smoothly the spirit and facilitates the connection with ourselves and our environment.