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Dar Manara’s localization in the Medina of Assilah

Bab Homar (1):

This door is one of the most important entrace of the medina, it is located in one of the main roads of the village, Avenida Hassan II.
Entering through it we reach a market called Borj Ghoula, going to the first street we find on the left we reach another one called Place Sidi Ben Aissa. Once there, we take the road on the left called, C/ M’Jimmá, and you go up until you reach number 23, Dar Manara.

Bab Kasbah (2):

Entering this door you get to Kassabah Street, a wide and slope street, to your right you will see the Palace of Hassan II and to our left the great Mosque, an at the end you outline the Portuguese Tower.
Following straight the street you cross the square of the Tower and will arrive to another small square, Sidi Ben Aissa. To your left you find M’Jimmá Street, continue until nº 23 Dar Manara.

Bab Bahr (3):

In Arab that means the door of the sea.
This door is near to the surveyed parking next to the small fishermen port, you will see the Portuguese Tower at the left.
Entering through this door you reach Square Abdellah Guennoun. You cross the square and look for Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch Street to our left, until you reach another square, Sidi Ben Aissa; take the street to your left, M’Jimmá, and continue to nº 23, Dar Manara.

How to go to Asilah?

By airplane

From Tangier to Asilah airport some 30 km on road. The taxi ride will usually cost between 250-300 dh. It is advisable to negotiate the price in advance. The airport of Casablanca is about 300 km by free highway from Asilah. From the airport of Rabat to Asilah there are about 170 km by free highway.

It is advisable to have prior coordination with Dar Manara and book this transfer service with our taxi driver Mohamed Arabi. His rates are the official and will make your arrival much easier and the transportation to Asilah much more relaxed and safe.

By Ferry

The three more advisable options are:

You should inquire to be sure before buying the fare about the different time schedule of departure of the ferries, and to make sure that it is a Fast Ferry, so it is not a 4 hours trip but a 45 minutes one.

From Algeciras to Tangier Med, the organization of passenger departures and reception is quite effective. The fares often include the cost of moving from the Tangier Med port to the old port city of Tangier, approx. transfer duration: 45 minutes.

If travelers book this service from Dar Manara we can arrange pick-up service with our taxi driver on arrival either in Tangiers MED or the old port. (See the cost of these services, transfers in the PRICES list).

It takes about 45 minutes, the boarding is usually fast and the harbour station is well organized. The fare is a little cheaper and the station has parking for vehicles. The service is done by FRS (


Fast crossing if we take Euroferrys ( ebetween 35-40 minutes. But you should take into account that once in Ceuta, you have to pass the customs and travel to Tangier, and from there to Asilah. Only this takes about one hour and a half, without counting the customs.

The different companies are:
Fast catamaran between Tarifa and Tangier, takes about 45 minutes, and unless there is East wind, it is a fast, comfortable crossing and has on time departures. The company often gives information about the sea conditions. y
They work with different companies, Balearia, Iscomar, Transmediterranea. You can find wide information about time schedules and prices.

By car

From the ports of Tarifa and Algeciras, you can choose to leave the car in the parking, or ship the car. The cost of shipping a vehicle depends on the season and is subject to different rates depending on the different companies offers and the port of destination: Tangier Tangier City or MED.

It is necessary to consider that the proceedings at the customs are usually slow and it is essential to have the complete and up-to-date documentation of the vehicle (Green card of the insurance).

The highways and the fuel are usually most cheaper than in Europe!!

Drive from Tangiers MED to Asilah:

Depart from the port area, take the highway towards Rabat, follow up to approx. having traveled 90 miles, take the Exit to Asilah.

Continue until you reach a roundabout that distributes traffic, turn right toward the center of town. On your left will be way to Larache (Main road).

Once you are on the road to the village, continue straight until you reach a large roundabout, facing the sea and a big hotel, turn 90 degrees to your left, and take the boardwalk, and follow until the end until you reach the Portuguese wall. You’ll find the car park on your right side.

To get to Dar Manara from the parking, you can make us a phone call and we’ll pick you up from the gate of the medina. You can also see the little map in our website and you’ll find how to get to our hotel.

Journey by car from the port of Tangiers to Asilah:

When leaving the enclosure of the port you reach the old Avenue Spain, now Mohamed IV. Follow straight until finding the first traffic light, at our right (about 200m) turning in the same sense we get to a wide two way street, Rue. Joseph Bentachfin.

Follow the street straight street down until finding a roundabout with a fountain; turn 90º, continue straight; here we will be at the Rabat route (Moulais Hismail).

Continue always straight during approx 16 km until finding a roundabout; a the left you find the highway to RABAT ASILAH; underneath the same indicators of the highway, you will see the indicators of the national route, at the right. It is not worth to take the paying highway, as the national route is in perfect conditions, (it is new), and you save some money.

It is not worth taking the highway, the National highway, it is in perfect conditions, (it’s new), and we saved the toll.

Following straight this route, you have the sea at your right and at about 20 km you will arrive at the entrance of the town of Asilah; passed a small bridge, you turn right and get to the waterfront of the town, until the end, where you reach the city wall just in front and one of the main doors to the medina, Bab Kasbah, indicated in the map with nº 2.

To our right there is a big esplanade that is the surveyed parking of the town; a little further in front of us there is another entrance door to access the medina, listed in the map as Bab Bahr  with nº 3.