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Excursions and cultural visits in collaboration with: Taxi Nº 29

The North of Morocco, unknown, close, surprising and intense.

From an enviable location -Assilah- we propose to discover its geography. Itineraries designed from the experience of living in this country, to know its people. It is to discover with another look the way of life, the customs and their culture.

If your stay in Dar Manara is several days or you are interested in doing some excursion, we suggest some possible options with our taxi driver Arabi-Mohamed 00212 668019700:


  • Larache: Half day excursion. 40 Km. 40 €
  • Ksar El Kibir: Half day excursion. 80Km. € 70
  • Molay Boussalham: Full day excursion. 100Km. € 70
  • Tetouan: Full day excursion. 100 km € 80
  • Had El Gaharabia: Excursion of several hours to visit the Sunday market: 20 Km. € 20
  • Xef Chauen: Full day excursion, returning if interested in Tetuán. 160 km round trip. € 90
  • Visit to the historic area between Assilah and Tangier: Hercules Caves, Cabo Espartel, Tangier. € 60
  • Rabat: 300km. € 125


Assilah International Cultural Festival

Assilah, is a melting pot of cultures where one is surprised being able to savor time and discovering oneself in aspects that our worldly noise quiets and muffles. In the summer the International Festival of Culture is celebrated in Assilah. During these days the city is at parties, with an extensive program of cultural and artistic activities. The white walls of the houses of the Medina are whitewashed and beautiful murals are painted by artists and painters from all over the world. Music and culture meet at conferences, and diverse performances that make the small town of Assilah a center of excellence. cultural interest to visit.

Concerts, conferences and other cultural and artistic events are also held at the  Palais des Rencontres in the center of the Medina. Assilah is par excellence a place for artists, painters, writers who seek calm and tranquility, colors and light in this corner to capture their work.

El Hammam

The Hammam is an enjoyable and a pleasant Arabic tradition. Having a therapeutic and relaxing property, the Hammam is a stimulating bath for all the senses. The joy of receiving an Arab Hammam is reached by a bath and a total body exfoliation using Beldi soap, rubbing, and also by applying ghassoul everywhere.

To enjoy the quiet Asilah and the tranquility of Dar Manara we invite you to take advantage of the Hammam service we are offering, under which we also encourage you not to miss the chance to have a very relaxing body massage or a refreshing facial massage as well. Indeed, it is the ideal recipe to end your stay with a real relaxation experience.

Dar Manara is willing to coordinate this service in collaboration with a professional institution; either during your stay with us or if you request the service during your trip preparation with us.

Phone Dar Manara: 00212 539 41 69 64

A day of contact with nature

Spend a day in the mountains of  Jbel Lahbib (beloved mountain) where Dar Elhendia is, in contact with nature and in the middle of the serenity of the mountain.

Our friend Mayte Acedo has created a corner of country, art, meetings and relaxation.

In Dar Elhendia, which moves away from ASILAH at about 45 KM, you can go hiking, a group painting workshop, ceramic soap and also taste the natural, organic and exquisite cuisine from the field to the plate.

Spending an unforgettable day in Jbel Lahbib allows you to discover the authenticity of our country.

Contact info:

00212 657084373

Arabic calligraphy workshop

Courses, workshops for holidays    

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Artisanal bread workshop 

The bread, the good bread, the pure wheat bread.

Confectioneries, flavors, sweet moments


Engraving is understood as the result of work done on a surface of wood or metal called iron by sharp instruments or acids that attack the metal’s surface.

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Photography Workshop

If you can wait, people will forget your camera and then the light will be reflected in the soul.
Carl Medan’s.

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Omar’s workshop

This space, Omar’s workshop, is a unique kind of establishment in Asilah.
There is a selection of carpets of about 2000 models.

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Teléfonos de contacto: Desde Marruecos 0676142105 y 0603877698

Desde el extranjero 00212-676142105 y 00212-603877698