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Omar’s workshop

This space, the workshop of Omar, is a unique establishment of its kind in Asilah.

There is a selection of carpets from around 2000 models that date back to the 70s and 80s and some models are even older than that.

These are artistic works realized by the women of different tribes and villages of Morocco, inherited from generation to generation and this Millennium Art allows us to try the lives of some tribes and whole villages.

Made with high quality materials, some are 90% lambs-wool and others are 90% cotton and silk, and they are colored with a natural plant color called the indigo color.

Using three different techniques knotted, woven, lined. Sometimes you can find all three techniques together in one carpet.

The majority of carpets are made by the tribes of Upper, Middle and Anti Atlas.

The workers are usually women who either work in cooperatives like Taznakht AZILAL or work in their homes with the help of their daughters at a very young age of 7 years to learn the manual process. The flexibility of carpets differs from one to another, using wool, cotton, and cactus fiber for manufacturing.

The three types of preparation are:


HAMBEL or also called KILIM:


Weaving, knotting, and embroiders on the designs by women of TAZNAGHT AZILAL using the ZANAFI style.




Carpets that are from 35 years old that are also decorative pieces with a size that allows them to be used as murals.




Modern creative activity with reflections of Arabic designs.

Chiadma tribe: (orange carpet)

In the art of carpet making, it is the drawings and the geometry of each tribe that we depend on to identify each carpet.