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Photography Workshop

If you can wait, people will forget your camera and then the light will be reflected in the soul.

Carl Medan’s.

This idea of ​​activity is suggested for people who like and want unique experiences with photography.

The colors, the special light, the nature, and the culture in general offer a unique opportunity of images and contrasts, and unrepeatable beauty in other places.

The possibilities of taking pictures are endless.

All around the medina

  • The murals
  • The streets of the Medina
  • The doors and colors
  • The murals of the small town
  • Its shops full of unique and colorful objects
  • Its people with their smiling and special faces and also their clothes

The natural environment

  • The sea, the beach, the cliffs
  • The countryside and the villages
  • The local Souk

In each era and according to the light, the textures, and the multiple colors; capturing details and subtleties with the camera is a generous adventure in terms of all the possibilities for a photography lover.